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ACEIT (Automated Cost Estimating Integrated Tools) Automating the Estimating Environment
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Resources for the Cost Estimator
Applications with ACEIT Interfaces

Other Applications with ACEIT Interfaces

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Advanced Aircraft Analysis (AAA) -  This design tool generates an ACE Executive technical parameter input file.  This file can be used to drive an ACE-based cost model sensitive to these parameters via the Excel client to the ACE Executive. DARcorporation, a developer and distributor of Airplane design and analysis software and textbooks, has created AAA. They also provide consulting services, including wind tunnel and water tunnel testing and analysis.
Advanced Surface Ship Evaluation Tool (ASSET) - This family of ship design synthesis models, developed and maintained by Carderock Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center, (CDNSWC), is used to design naval combatants, auxiliaries, amphibious ships, and aircraft carriers. These models incorporate many specialized capabilities and features which allow the incorporation and assessment of advanced technologies in a design. The technology resident in the ASSET family of design synthesis models can be easily adapted to commercial ship design applications such as dry bulk carriers, tankers, and roll-on/roll-off ships.

ASSET is used in the exploratory and feasibility design phases of naval surface ships. It lets an architect perform the initial prediction of ship physical and performance characteristics based on mission requirements and to do so with sufficient fidelity that the total ship implications of subsystem level design and technology decisions are evident.

You can host a ship cost model in ACE and use the ACE Executive to link the cost model to ASSET. The ACE Executive Excel client application drives both ASSET and the cost models in ACE (via the Executive Server). In Excel, you extract design scenarios from ASSET, combine these with other required cost model drivers, and develop a life cycle cost estimate. Standard reports and graphs within the Excel client are linked to cost model outputs and engineering data from ASSET. The graphs provide insight into potential program areas where cost savings can be achieved.

To see more information on the ACEIT interface, click on I/O Support, then click on AACEI.

Army Military-Civilian Cost System (AMCOS) - This is a  database of active, reserve, and civilian manpower data developed for accuracy and flexibility of manpower cost estimation. It is used to provide military and civilian cost estimates for acquisition, installation operations, force/unit costing, and a variety of cost analysis requirements. It houses cost data by grade and MOS and can provide users with cost details by MOS and budget appropriation for any unit configuration, over time. It provides a file which can be imported into an ACE-based cost estimate.
ESA Costing Software (ECOS) - To help manage large, complex technical, multi-national projects, the European Space Agency (ESA) has developed a procedure for determining the allocation of tasks to industry during each phase of complex, multi-contractor projects. With ECOS, work can be divided down the industrial structure, and cost proposals can be generated and passed to higher levels of management. The information presented conforms to the ESA standard costing and pricing requirements, and ECOS is mandatory for all of ESA's major programs. The software package is distributed to contractors free of charge. 

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